Dedicated Private Vaults

Fortify your sensitive equipment and critical data with our highly customisable private vaults for better security, privacy, and flexibility. Our private vaults offer a highly tailored and secure solution that can be strategically aligned with the unique demands of your business.
The degree of customisation will depend on the size of the hosting space that you are taking.

Our team of data centre experts will collaborate with you to understand your technical and operational requirements. This can encompass various aspects of your data centre hosting needs, including building, electrical, mechanical, security, and connectivity requirements. We will then endeavour to meticulously design and construct a customised private vault aligned to your business needs while ensuring strict adherence to the relevant local authorities’ code of practices.

Core Features

Custom Built Environment

Custom built environment

Experience unmatched flexibility when customising your data centre design, testing, and commissioning requirements. We ensure our solutions comply with your rigorous design specifications and stringent operation requirements, all while upholding our service guarantee.

Customisable Security Features

Customisable security features

From developing distinctive access controls and designing surveillance strategies to the formulation of security response plans, you can have the freedom to customise the security protocols of your private vaults to address the particular needs and vulnerabilities of your business.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Dedicated infrastructure

Our private vaults feature customisation across connectivity, cooling, electrical, environmental, fire protection, and security systems to safeguard your IT assets and data. We can also integrate customised liquid or immersion cooling systems to meet your specific business needs.

Why should you choose our State-of-the-art Private Vaults?

Highly Customisable Solutions

Highly customisable solutions

Our build-to-suit private vaults can be meticulously crafted to suit your preferred size, design, resiliency, and performance objectives while delivering enhanced privacy, security, and growth scalability.

Unparalleled Privacy & Security

Unparalleled privacy & security

Elevate your data security with our private vaults, which offer an unmatched blend of privacy and security in a dedicated environment. With customisable specifications, you have more effective control over the design and implementation of the security measures.

Future-proof Your Scalability Needs

Future-proof your scalability needs

Future-proof your digital journey with built-in resiliency and scalability of your infrastructure and connectivity needs to address the growth and ever-evolving needs of your business.

Other Products and Services

Cross Connect

Cross Connects

To meet your specific business connectivity needs, our cross connect solutions provide interconnection in a secure and seamless manner.

Software Defined Network Fabric

Paragon ™ - Software Defined Network Fabric

Our software-defined networking fabric - Paragon - serves as an orchestration platform for connectivity and computing resources

Smart Concierge

Smart Concierge

Our round-the-clock “Smart Concierge” offers onsite operational support services, functioning as your remote set of “eyes and hands”.

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