Experience Seamless Connectivity with Cross Connects

Experience Seamless Connectivity with
Cross Connects

To meet your specific business connectivity needs, our cross connect solutions provide interconnection in a secure and seamless manner.
You can subscribe to one or more cross connect services, enabling you to interconnect to a diverse range of hyper-connected networks or other businesses which are colocated within our carrier-neutral data centres. This allows you to benefit from low-latency, high-performance communication and optimise your data transfer within a secure and controlled environment.

Core Features

Secure Meet-Me-Room (MMR)

Secure Meet-Me-Room (MMR)

Our data centres boast pre-installed structured cabling that are connected to open-frame racks located in our ultra-secure Meet-Me-Room (MMR), ensuring unmatched network performance and reliability.

Shared Connectivity Ecosystem

Shared connectivity ecosystem

Our shared connectivity ecosystem features highly reliable, dedicated fibre connectivity in a structured, highly secured Meet-Me-Room facility.

Tailored Cross Connect Solutions

Tailored cross connect solutions

We can tailor cross connect solutions to match the unique requirements of your business. Experience hassle-free implementation as we manage the entire process for you, from design and implementation to the activation of the service.

Why should you choose Seamless Advanced Connectivity?

Flexibility & Scalability

Flexibility & scalability

Tailor your connectivity needs by linking up with your preferred carrier providers. You can also adjust your connectivity needs as your data traffic evolves, allowing you to scale seamlessly with your growing business requirements.

Optimised Connectivity Performance

Optimised connectivity performance

Provide low-latency private links between distinct endpoints within the same data centre, enhancing the speed, reliability, and security of your connection while eliminating jitter and potential points of failure commonly found in public networks.

Agile Switching

Agile switching

When implemented in the structured and secured setting of the Meet-Me-Room environment, allow quick and agile switching of network connectivities to alternative carriers and partners, especially during an emergency.

Other Products and Services

Colocation Racks

Colocation Racks

Designed to support diverse power requirements, our colocation racks come with individually card-accessible locks within a closely monitored environment.

Private Cages

Private Cages

Our customised cages feature tailored, secure spaces designed according to your specifications. With an individually lockable door, it offers superior security compared to standard colocation racks in a shared setting.

Private Vaults

Private Vaults

Fortify your sensitive equipment and critical data with our highly customisable private vaults for better security, privacy, and flexibility.

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