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As the foremost data centre provider in Singapore, we aim to lead the transformation of the data centre landscape in the Asia Pacific region.
Our mission is to empower local SMEs, enterprises, cloud service providers, and government agencies to seize the abundant opportunities presented by the rapidly expanding digital economy.

Our Data Centre Footprint

Over the years, we have continually expanded our data centre footprint, becoming a leader in this industry. This growth is fuelled by our commitment to support digitalisation, facilitating the rapid adoption of cloud services and AI in the Asia Pacific region.

Designed for agile scalability, unwavering resiliency, and unparalleled security, our state-of-the-art data centres are located across the East and West regions of Singapore, as well as Thailand and Indonesia, ensuring strategic accessibility for you.

Our next-generation digital infrastructure is designed to support ICT services via a wide range of hosting solutions, including Colocation,
Private Cages, Private Vaults, and hosting management services, while offering unparalleled connectivity via a diverse selection of
local and international networks.

  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia

Our data centres are strategically located across the island, providing intrinsic geographical redundancy for customers who require multiple data centres within Singapore to satisfy their business needs. Together, our data centres can support a total IT load of up to 120MW.

Conveniently located in Bangna, Bangkok, it is a short 30 mins drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport and provides easy accessibility to the eastern part of Thailand. When fully deployed, our data centres can support IT load of more than 40MW.

Strategically located in Batam which is designated as a digital hub by the Indonesian government, it will serve as a bridge linking Singapore, Jakarta and the new capital city in Kalimantan. When fully deployed, our data centres can support IT load of more than 50MW.


Core Features of our Data Centres

Next-Generation Data Centres

Next-generation Data Centres

Our next-generation data centres are specifically engineered for the increasingly high compute digitalisation and AI workloads. With built-in agility coupled with advanced cooling technologies, we are capable of supporting various high-power density rack configurations while adapting to your varying deployment scenarios.

Carrier-neutrality, Hyperconnectivity

In line with our carrier neutrality commitment, our data centres will be hyper-connected to fixed, mobile, and subsea networks while providing unrestricted access to all domestic and international connectivity providers. This enables a concentration of diverse, hyper-connected networks for our customers to meet their resiliency needs.

Carrier-neutrality, Hyperconnectivity
Best-In-Class Standards & Certifications

Best-in-class Standards & Certifications

Our data centres are meticulously planned and constructed, with strict adherence to TIA-942 Rated 3 and 4 standards. Additionally, our facilities comply with industry-leading global standards encompassing quality, security, and sustainability, including TVRA, ISO 9001, and ISO 27001.

Sustainable Digital Infrastructure

Sustainability is the core of our business philosophy. We are BCA Green Mark Platinum certified and operate our data centres in strict compliance with ISO 46001, ISO 50001, and SS 564. We aim to achieve operational net-zero emissions by 2028 while also working with our customers to achieve the same in their green transition journey.

Sustainable Digital Infrastructure

Why you should choose our Data Centres

Regional Reach
Seamless Connectivity
A Market Leader in the Data Centre Industry
Commitment to Sustainability

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